Brenda Peterson

Brenda Peterson is a Canadian writer. Born in Northern Alberta, Canada, she grew up on a large grain farm with four siblings and many cousins, uncles and aunts.

Marrying young, she led the traditional life of a young wife in a highly restrictive religion. At the age of thirty-three, she chose to leave her husband and then her religion and found a new life which alienated her from her family and community.

Through her experience of being willing to stand alone in the world without knowing what the outcome may be in order to find her own truth and freedom, she now has the opportunity to share her empowering journey with others who may be afraid to take a life changing plunge to leave behind something that no longer serves them, even when the unknown of their future may be terrifying.

Brenda is an advocate for personal empowerment and self realization, regardless of the avenue. She now surrounds herself with a vibrant community of like-minded men and women who share similar values and ideals and is constantly seeking her own personal growth.

Brenda has published her first manuscript: an inspiring memoir about her very restricted life, escape and rebirth into a new and fulfilling life very different from the one she had previously known. It is available for purchase now at