Evolve So Hard They Have to Get to Know You Again – Lisa Bilyeu

Photo Credit: unsplash.com/@scw1217

I read somewhere once that by the time you are 25 years old, you are pretty well the person you are going to be, give or take a little maturing along the way.

I dislike that statement – it makes me uncomfortable. When I think back to my 25 year old self, I don’t like her as much as I like me now. I also like myself more than my 35 year old self.

When I read the statement I used for my title from someone I follow/admire online, it really made me think about, not only HOW different I am, but, maybe more importantly, WHO different.

We always joke about being 29 again, for perhaps the tenth, fifteenth or twentieth time. I’d love to see my skin and body look it did back then. But who I was? Nah. Never would I go back.

I was more judge-y and less understanding.

I was a follower, not a believer in my own thoughts.

I was more afraid to let people know the real me.

I was hurt more often but also less sensitive to others.

I was more self involved but far less intuitive.

I had more people in my life, but much less love.

With age and maturity comes the ability to choose to be a completely different person. Being willing to let her go and be someone else, a better version of you takes a certain amount of courage and faith that the people around you will want to know the new version.

Truthfully though – if they don’t, perhaps this is the opportunity you have been needing to cut them out.

My hope is the new version of all of us comes with:

• a stronger backbone to stand up for ourselves and others
• a stronger throat to speak our truth
• stronger legs to keep us grounded as we navigate through uncharted territory in each new phase of life, and
• a never ended supply of kindness as we deal with the people around us who are on their own journeys

Here’s to all of us who are seeking new levels of being, of evolving and of excellence.

I’m so glad to get to know you. Again.


6 thoughts on “Evolve So Hard They Have to Get to Know You Again – Lisa Bilyeu

    1. Tj says:

      Everyday is a new day and we get to choose who we are becoming. I’ve only known you a few years but I love seeing you evolve into the beautiful soul you are. 💕


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